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OfSTED ( Office for Standards in Education )

The school had its last inspection in January 2016.
The following are extracts from the report, which confirmed the school’s own judgements.

“This school continues to be good…..the leadership team has maintained the good quality of education in the school since the last inspection and the school is continuing to improve... (pupils) identified the partnership with the other school within the federation as a strength.... leaders and governors have a comprehensive knowledge of pupils' attainment and are constantly seeking ways to improve the school and outcomes for pupils ...pupils talk confidently about the measures taken to keep them safe from harm.  Their consideration and care for other pupils reflect the school's values and ethos in a most practical way...pupils are confident that any adult in school will help them, should the need arise, but are equally sure that incidents of bullying and name-calling are rare ...parents and carers are very committed to the school... governance is a strong feature of the school ... parents are overwhelmingly positive about the educational achievement of their children and believe that the level of care and support is of consistently high quality... you take all reasonable steps to keep parents well informed.. by the end of Key Stage 2, all pupils make at least the progress expected, and often more than expected, for children of their age... the small number of disadvantaged pupils are well supported through the use of the pupil premium... (pupils) are engaged in their work and eager to do their best.

A full copy of the report can be downloaded from 3 February 2016 using the link below.

Link: Ofsted Report