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Class Information


Spellings: There will be spellings to learn for a weekly test.  If you get 4 or more incorrect, then there will be a re-test the next day. It is important that you learn your spellings well and use them in your written work. During class you will learn different ways that may help you learn your spellings. You will not always get every spelling correct but we would look for improvement and progress as the term progresses.

Reading: we cannot improve our reading unless we enjoy reading and happily discover new words and new facts.  Try to read every evening.  Reading to an adult in the family can support your reading and understanding. It doesn’t have to be your school reader. Choose a favourite book, magazine or text from home.

Maths and English: At least one of these core subjects will usually be homework in the week.

Times tables: The expectation is that all tables up to 12X12 will be able to be recalled accurately from the end of Y4. To support maths progress, it is important that you make sure you know and practise your table skills often.

 Swimming and PE

In Terms 1,3 and 5 we will be doing one session of swimming on a Monday afternoon at the Meridian Leisure Centre in Louth.  Please note boys' trunks should not be below the knee and girls should wear a one-piece swimsuit. Swimming caps should be worn for long hair, and they are available to purchase in the office. PE will be on a Thursday

During Term 1,3 and 5 we will be doing PE on a Monday and a Thursday. However, we would appreciate it if your child has their PE kit in school for the whole week (just in case). No earrings are allowed on PE days!