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Welcome to Kingfisher Class!


Points to note:


Our class timetable is available under the documents tab.  Although PE is timetabled for certain times, we are flexible, so we ask for PE kits to be left in school all week please.  Earrings need to be removed for PE, so if your child is unable to take them out themselves, it’s handy if they don’t wear them to school on those days.

In Terms 1, 3 and 5, we swim on a Monday afternoon at the Meridian Leisure Centre in Louth.  Please note boys' trunks should not be below the knee and girls should wear a one-piece swimsuit. Swimming caps should be worn for long hair, and they are available to purchase in the office.


Every child in the class will have a school reading book in their book bag.  This can be changed, whenever it has been read.  I rely on the children to let me know, when a book needs changing, so if you think they’ll forget to let me know, please catch me on the playground!  If your child reads other books or comics at home, they can also be recorded in their Reading Diary.  We have reading session three times a week in class.  We study different texts from those in the children’s book bags.

Water Bottles

We encourage the children to drink water throughout the day, so the children need to have these in school every day.


Spellings in Kingfisher Class are written down on a Monday and tested on a Friday.  Research has shown that the most useful approach to learning spellings for most children is the ‘Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check’ approach.  The most important thing, is that spelling work is done ‘little and often’.  Learning them the day before a test means they are likely to stay in the short term memory and are unlikely to transfer to the long term memory.

LOOK at the word you want to learn. Mark the 'hard spots', that is the difficult part of the word, using a different colour pen. Is the word similar in spelling to another word? Can you break it into parts (syllables)?
Have a really good look and think about the spelling until you feel you can spell it.
SAY the word, while looking at it.

COVER the word with your hand or a piece of paper.  Close your eyes and try to 'see' the word in your head.
CHECK your spelling by uncovering the word and comparing it with your spelling. Check it letter by letter. If it's wrong, start again.


The children bring home the whole term’s spellings to allow you some flexibility about when your child learns their spellings.  For example, you may want to start learning the next week’s spellings over the weekend if you have a busy week ahead. 

If you have any questions or difficulties learning the spellings, please come and see me. 

Additional tips to learning spellings can be found under the documents tab.


Times tables

The expectation is that all tables up to 12X12 will be able to be recalled accurately from the end of Y4. In Kingfisher Class, we have a tables test on Mondays and use the Time Table Tracker method.  An explanation of this can be found under the documents tab.  We practise tables every day at school, but  additional practise at home helps to move through the times tables more quickly.


During Terms 1 and 2, the children have a project to complete.  This is based around our ‘I am Warrior!’ topic.  Details about this can be found under the documents tab.

During Terms 3, 4, 5 and 6, weekly homework will be given.  This will be either an English or maths task.  Your child should spend approximately 20 minutes completing the task.


Many thanks for your support,

Mrs Imogen Plaskitt.