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Kindred Spirits

North Cockerington C.E. Primary School.



The Hague School. Bethnal Green.

Our school is taking part in an exciting project called Kindred Spirits. This is an opportunity to look at what we consider to be British values and decide if these are really global values. This will be supported through a national level link with an East London school. North Cockerington’s partner school is The Hague Primary School in Bethnal Green which is a single form mainstream primary school with a provision for deaf and partially hearing children. They also have links with a deaf school in Tanzania who we hope will be part of the project.

The aim is to forge educational, cultural and friendship links allowing our children to work on projects that can be shared with our partner school.

Work will be shared via a twinning platform and contact through blogging and Skype.

This term is all about getting to know each other and Mrs Moors will visit our partner school in November with children’s questions and information about our school. One of the first projects will be about rivers which will give us an opportunity to reflect and learn about rivers in the local areas of our schools.