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A Cracking Good Time.

On Monday 28th November, Delphine, from Max Respect , came into Owl Class to talk about road safety and the importance of wearing seat belts.

We undertook an experiment to reinforce this.

The class was split into groups of five and six and asked to construct a car using cardboard, bubble wrap, a small piece of Blu-tack and masking tape. This car then had to transport a raw egg down a ramp with two bricks at the end. The idea was to secure and protect the egg to prevent it from cracking, just as seat belts prevent people from getting seriously injured should they be involved in a road traffic accident. Team work was encouraged as everyone’s opinion was valued.

On completion, the cars were pushed down the ramp, each having a varying degree of success, apart from the one where the egg fell out before it reached the testing ground !!

Owls really enjoyed Delphine’s visit, and hope she will come again as it had been a fun way of thinking about the importance of road safety.