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Practising Spellings At Home

Here are some ways in which you could help your child practise their spellings. Practising a few times in the week is much better than the night before the test. Spellings learnt the night before are harder to remember in the long term.

Remember spellings will be considered learnt if they are used in written work not when the spelling test is marked.

A variety of games should help to keep your child interested and motivated.

1) Word Search

Create word searches using the spelling words.

2) Media Search:

Using a newspaper or magazine give 15 minutes to look for the spelling words. Ask children to circle them in different coloured crayon.

3) Scrabble Spelling:

Find the letters you need to spell the words and then mix them up in the bag. Time how long it takes to unscramble the letters. For extra maths practice you could find out the value of each of your words.

4) Pyramid Power:

Ask your child to sort the words into a list from easiest to hardest. Write the easiest word at the top of the page near the middle. Write the next easiest word twice underneath. Write the third word three times underneath again until you have built your pyramid

5) Design A Word:

Pick one word and write it in bubble letters. Colour in each letter in a different pattern.

6) ABC Order:

Write the words out in alphabetical order. Then write them in reverse alphabetical order.

7) Story Time:

Write a short story using all your words. Don't forget to check the punctuation!

8) Simple Sentence:

Write a sentence for each of your words. Remember each sentence must start with a capital letter and end with a full stop.

9) Colourful Words:

Use two different coloured pens to write your words. One to write the consonants and one to write the vowels. Do this a couple of times then write the whole word in one colour. If the words have a common prefix or suffix – write that in one colour and the rest of the word in another.

10) Memory Game:

Make pairs of word cards. Turn them all over and mix them up. Flip over two cards, if they match you get to keep them, if not you have to turn them over again. Try and match all the pairs.

11) Spelling Steps:

Write your words as if they were steps, adding one letter each time. (It's much easier doing this on squared paper.)

12) X-Words:

Find two of your spelling words with the same letter in and write them so they criss- cross.

13) Secret Agent:

Write out the alphabet, then give each letter a different number from 1 to 26. (a = 1, b = 2, c = 3 etc.) Now you can spell out your words in secret code.

14) Missing Letters:

Write out one of the words loads of times on piece of paper, but each time miss out a letter or two. Get your child to fill in the missing letters. After you have checked them all try it again with another word.

15) Listen Carefully:

Spell out one of the words then ask your child to say what the word is you’ve spelt out.

16) Acrostic:

Use words that start with each letter in you spelling word. Your more likely to remember it if it makes sense!

17) Spell – a – doodle

Create a picture and use your spelling words to fill in the detail. Each word must be written three times. E.g. a picture of clouds would have the lines formed with spelling words. You can add to the challenge by giving specific picture topics.