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Starting School

North Cockerington School admits children in the Autumn Term at the beginning of the academic year prior to their fifth birthday. This gives entry to the school each September for those children born between 1st September and the 31st August of the following year, both dates being inclusive.

To apply for a school place for your child in Reception at the beginning of the next school year, you will need to send a completed Common Application Form to schools admissions at Lincolnshire County Council, or you can apply online, which is the County’s preferred method. As a voluntary controlled school, we apply the County Council’s Admission Policy.
Details of this policy and more general information about the admissions process can be found  by clicking the link below.

Link: LCC Admission Policy 2017/18

Transfer to Secondary School

At 11+ our children transfer to secondary level education.  Children from our school will already have widened their friendship group to include pupils in their year group from our partner school at East Wold. Close links are maintained with the local secondary schools to ensure a smooth transition to a child’s next stage in their education.  Throughout their time at North Cockerington School, pupils will have had opportunities to take part in sporting, cultural and other curriculum events at different local secondary schools.  In the summer term, pupils spend up to three transition days at their chosen secondary school.  

Children from North Cockerington School normally transfer to King Edward VI Grammar School, Monks’ Dyke Technology College, Cordeaux High School, all in Louth, Queen Elizabeth Grammar School at Alford or Somercotes Academy at North Somercotes.