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Welcome to Robin Class  

Just to say a huge hello from Robin Class! Your child has started their journey in Year One and Two and will enjoy a creative and fun curriculum making new friends and learning lots of new things. This year is an important one, developing what they have already learned and building on the foundations to become independent and creative learners.

Points to note:


This term we will be doing PE on a Wednesday and a Friday but would appreciate it if your child has their PE kit in school for the whole week (just in case). No earrings allowed on these days! In Terms 2, 4 and 6 we will be doing one session of swimming on a Monday afternoon at the Meridian Leisure Centre in Louth.  Please note boys' trunks should not be below the knee and girls should wear a one-piece swimsuit. Term 1 Wednesday sessions this term will be run by an expert cricket coach to teach us new skills.

What's going on?

You will see the timetable on page 3. The Timetable for the week sometimes changes, we are flexible in order to fit in different cross curricular topics and follow children's interests as we discuss these.


We ask that your child brings in their water bottle each day. Children are encouraged to drink water throughout the day and we feel that it is important for them to have their own water bottle in school at all times.

Book bag:

We also ask that your child brings their book bag to school each day. It is important not only for the books and other items which go home but also for any correspondence that needs to go to parents.


A very improatant part of the curriculum and integral in a child's life. A note to say you have shared the book together would be great. Books are changed once a week but children are involved in daily reading activities. Please see notes on page 4.

Speed sounds:

Please continue to practice speed sounds learned. Practice is the key! Info on page 5.

Red and Green Words:

Please practice. Info on page 5.


Spellings will be given on a Friday to be checked the following Friday! Practice makes perfect! See information on page 5.


In Year One and Two we are aiming for children to learn and adopt the joined style of handwritingI I have attached a letter formation sheet for your information on P5. Any practice with this would be greatly appreciated.


Look out for notes in your child's book bag regarding various DT topics (the note will usually be asking for junk materials!)

Please feel free to ask me anything you are unsure of.

We are looking forward to an exciting year ahead!

Kind Regards,

Miss Sturman