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Cross Country

On Thursday 15th October 2015, I competed in a cross country competition at Monks Dyke School in Louth.

I represented North Cockerington Primary School in the cross country along with my Class 3 friends, Amber, Freya, Lara, Holly, Abigail, Harry, Georgia, Max,
Josh L, Josh H, Airlie, Hayden and Bertie. After lunch, we left on the mini bus and headed for Louth!

When we got to Monks Dyke, Mrs C, Mrs Bell and Miss Sturman directed us safely to where we needed to be. Before the race, we had to do some warm ups to prepare our muscles for running.

The boys and girls ran separately in different races. Our school was competing against different schools from the local area such as Kidgate, Lacey Gardens and more.


For the race I competed in, the boys had to run around the entire length of Monks Dyke field and an extra square! It was very tiring and I was very sweaty! I started off in the race in first place, however when I was running around a corner I suddenly got a cramp in my hand! After shaking the cramp off, I carried on running! Later on in the race, I was almost elbowed in the hip too!

Despite my cramp (and almost hip injury) I was first home from the North Cockerington boys! I was so happy! For the girls, Amber was the first home too from our school! The girls also won a trophy in their race!

Overall I came 17th out of all the boys in the cross country competition. I am really proud of our school and the team effort we had in the boy and girl races! Well done everyone!