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Our topics for Terms 5 and 6.

In Kingfisher Class, during terms five and six, our topics will be the Stone Age to Iron Age and Our Extreme Earth. In history, we will study hunters and gathers and early farming at Scara Brae and Bronze age religion and technology at Stonehenge. In geography, we will be studying volcanoes and earthquakes. In Art, we will be studying how the weather is portrayed in images.


In Science, the children will be studying plants and what makes plants grow well and habitats.   Our RE topic for the year will be Christianity and during terms 5 and 6, we will concentrate on Jesus the story teller, looking at parables. During Term 5 we will continue our violin lessons with Miss Briggs and Spanish with Miss Robinson. In term 6, the children will be receiving cricket coaching in addition to their PE coaching from Mr Wright.