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The children have had their  spelling assessed and are now in their spelling groups.  Spellings in Class Two are written down on a Monday and tested on a Friday.  Research has shown that the most useful approach to learning spellings for most children is the ‘Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check’ approach.  The most important thing, is that spelling work is done ‘little and often’.  Learning them the day before a test means they are likely to stay in the short term memory and are unlikely to transfer to the long term memory.

LOOK at the word you want to learn. Mark the 'hard spots', that is the difficult part of the word, using a different colour pen. Is the word similar in spelling to another word? Can you break it into parts (syllables)?Have a really good look and think about the spelling until you feel you can spell it.

SAY the word, while looking at it.

COVER the word with your hand or a piece of paper.  Close your eyes and try to 'see' the word in your head.


CHECK your spelling by uncovering the word and comparing it with your spelling. Check it letter by letter. If it's wrong, start again.

If you have any questions or difficulties learning the spellings, please come and see me. 

Many thanks for your support.